Eunuchs are around the harems for several thousand years. They were employed by the King of Babylons and probably before that time as well.

Eunuchs were created by slave dealers and later, surprisingly the Barbers,who  took over the castration of young boys in general.

Institution of Eunuchs then grew and we can see several groups of Castrato, according the way they were cut.

The white boys were usually emasculated only by removing the sack with their stones. Most of the time, the whole sack war cut off. Some of the boys had only their testicles removed and had an empty scrotum. More about this in the Widow chapter.

This type of eunuchs could not serve in the close proximity of the harem females. If they were emasculated AFTER puberty, they could get an erection and "service" the harem inmates. Eunuch of this type were very popular and valued by the harem females, if they got somehow inside the actual harem.

When properly stimulated, mostly by anal stimulation of the prostate gland, they could maintain erection for hours.


Next group of eunuchs was represented by a complete castrato. Most of them were black. They lost of of heir external genitals. Penis as well as their sacks with stones. They were called "clean shaven" probably because of the Barbers who cut them. In Arabic, the name was "Sandalli". barber making this type of eunuch had to be very experienced as the mortality rate was quite high. A properly "shaven" and trained young black eunuch was very expensive.

These eunuchs were allowed to serve in close proximity of the Harem women, concubines and wives.

Most of the clean shaven blacks hated women, they blamed them for their castration. That was also the reason why Kizlar Aga was traditionally a Sandalli.

Here, we should mention a special group of eunuchs. They were very rare and used for special particular purpose.

These black boys lost ONLY their wands. They were allowed to keep their sack with their stones. This conditions make them very angry and vicious. They lived in the harem, were emotionally excited by all this naked female flesh, but they had no way of releasing their accumulated sexual desires.

Extremely frustrated, they were used as eunuch punishers and mainly: EXECUTIONERS.


Historical etching of  a 18 century real  Kizlar Aga




Real Chinese Eunuch



A way new eunuchs were created


White properly castrated boy ready to be sold as a eunuch.

Recently kidnapped white boy, destined to be an eunuch soon.