Intimate equipment

In this chapter, we will examine different looks and requirement of intimate feminine apparatus.


It was and is clear that each woman was differently intimately endowed. Some masters said, that there are no two same looking pudendum in the world.

And it is clear that different Harem Masters had also quite different tastes and likings.

Some of them preferred very clean looking pussies, nothing could stick out of the slot. On the other hand, some masters, and they were in minority, preferred different view; they were excited by abundant intimate flesh hanging out from the slit.

If they found a match, the girl was admitted in the harem in the shape and size she was born in.

But the world is not perfect and many times, the Master liked the girl, but wasn't pleased what he found between her legs.

Then the easiest way was to help mother nature in fixing these little problems.

When the girl was overgrown, her master decided to shorten or completely remove the excess meat.

The girl went through a procedure known in Arabic world for many millenniums as FEMALE CIRCUMCISION.

Women were circumcised in old Babylonian empire and even centuries before that.

This operation was performed for several different reasons.

1.)   Estheticall and optical enhancement of the pudenda

2.)  As prevention of misbehavior and possible infidelity.

3.)  Punishment for transgressions as infidelity and immodest behavior. (lesbian encounters, masturbation, etc.)


Let's look on some more "intimately equipped" slave girls.




Some girls arrived in the harem horibly overgrown


Overly develeoped virgin


And now the opposite. Properly circumcised harem girls and concubines.





The ultimate female circumcision was so called Pharaonical cut. Developed most probably at the court of Egyptian Pharaos, this type of circumcision removed EVERYTHING. Outside lips were cut down, the inner ones sliced very close to the vaginal wall and the clitoris was of course removed with its roots.

The concubine had just a small hole left.



In order to keep  harem matrons from spoling the girls by playing lesbian games, most of the matrons were thoroughly circumcised before entering harem service. Needless to say that some of these mature females exhibited upon arrival in a harem disgusting feminine flesh between their thighs.


New matron just arrived. A French school mistress before her required modification.

Matron Aisha is ready to enter the harem service. After a thorough circumcision, she await the chief eunuch to inspect her.