Punishment was of course big and important part of life of every harem inmate. Some harem masters, usually the Turkish ones, were quite lenient, but on the other side, the Arab harem owners were strict and their inflicted punishments were very sever. The master very seldom carried out the punishment, this was usually executed by the Chief Eunuch and or the Head Matron. Larger harems had a special trained personnel who inflicted the punishment as ordered by the Master himself or the Kizlar Aga. If this punishment executor was a designated matron, the penalty was delivered in, some times,  unusually cruel way.
Matrons, being most of the time former concubines, now neglected and rejected, were  jealous of the young pretty slave girls, especially if they were called into master's bed frequently.
Eunuchs on the other hand always blamed the slave girls for their fate of loosing their testicles and many times their penis as well and were quite bitter, letting their frustration out through a thorough punishment.
The most common punishment was a simple spanking or rather whipping. The executioner used rattan sticks, some times soaked for days in a salt solution. The first sight of broken skin gave the girl incredible pain.
The Turks used very efficient beating know as bastinado. The culprit had her feet locked in wooden pillory. Then she received hefty beating over the soles of her feet. Some girls couldn't walk for several weeks. Bastinado was the most common beating in every harem.
The punishment usually fitted the crime. The most serious transgression in every harem was INFIDELITY.  Some eunuchs kept their members loosing only their manly appendages. They were still able to get  erection and penetrate a female. If found, the eunuchs was usually executed and the slave woman sold to a harbor whore house.
But to be found infidel to her master, it was enough when the girl simply played lesbian games with another girl or lesbian matron. Even innocent masturbation, (in many harems strictly forbidden) was consider as infidelity and severely punished.
Let take a look on different type of punishments.
Typical Turkish Bastinado



Simple spanking administered by the matron....

And if no punishment worked....the ultimate way to deal with a incorrigible slave woman....