Slave markets, slave auctions and white slave trade

The girls were shipped via different channels to Middle East. Some of them were already pre-sold or kidnapped on demand and were send directly to the harem.
But most of the girls had to go through a humiliating slave auction in one of the large centers of white slave trade.
Usually the girls were given couple days rest after the journey. Then one day before the auction they were taken to the steam bath and several matrons made them looking fresh and beautiful.
All white merchandise was always exhibited on the stage in full nudity. No sane Muslim would buy a woman without seeing her naked. The buyers were from all over the region, many came from Africa to buy a precious white goods. About one third of the purchasers were eunuchs, seeking appropriate females to satisfy their masters' lust. They always inspected the women without any excitement and emotions. They were inspecting and buying flesh, white meat.
Let see now several photos and drawings depicting different slave auctions.





On the way home....


3 harem buyers inspect a new arrival in the auction hall


Photo from a real slave auction

Several delightful pictures from adifferentn slave auctions.



She is properly packed and secured to be send to her new master's harem.